Anton’s KC: Taproom and Restaurant

A local gem, Anton’s KC is the epitome of a perfectly crafted steakhouse. Anton’s is located off of Main Street in the Crossroads Art District of downtown Kansas City, MO.


The restaurant’s combination of an upscale steakhouse with naturally raised products creates an atmosphere unique to the Kansas City area. Not to mention their personal Aquaponics system in the basement that enables Anton’s to raise their own Tilapia and grow their own vegetables in-house. I know it sounds like a freaky science project, but it actually allows Anton’s to be able to skip the middleman required when outsourcing some of their products. This also helps them to ensure that their products are hormone and antibiotic free.


Anton’s has accomplished an atmosphere uncommon to most steakhouses. While considered a fine dining experience, the atmosphere is a combination of upscale decor and local market feel. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed about the place because it created a less stuffy ambiance.


Another defining quality is in regards to the steak options. Anton’s offers you the choice of grass or grain-fed beef. This was a new feature to me since I do not order steak for dinner, regularly.

So what’s the difference? I was sure to ask. Grain-fed beef is a method commonly used to speed up the production process as the cows grow that means they are fed a combination of both grass and grains. Grain-fed beef is more likely to possess fatty cuts but can be fixed by being cut to be leaner. Grass-fed on the other hand are fed strictly grass but possess a lot of health benefits. Those benefits include less saturated fat, lower calories, high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin A and E and many others. You can check out more details about the differences between the two on their blog.


I went with the grass-fed option and was not disappointed. Steaks are cut to order in-house. How cool is that? I went with the four-ounce option and a side of their daily vegetable. That day it happened to be purple carrots and pickled onions. This was my first time eating purple carrots and I’m happy to inform those who are not familiar that there is no difference in taste.


As for dessert, I went with one of my go-tos: the creme brûlée. Light and sweet, this was the perfect end to a wonderful meal. The pomegranate seeds on top were a great touch!

If you are looking for somewhere to have a celebratory meal or just an excuse to try a good steak, look no further than Anton’s.

Delicious and unique, Anton’s KC gets a 10/10.


There’s a new donut shop in town, and they’re changing the game! Donutology is located off of Westport Road in Kansas City. Donutology is visible straight ahead when heading south on Southwest Trafficway. A strange location, Donutology decided to use that to their advantage. Pictured below, you’ll see the sidewalk window. Walk, drive, or bike, it doesn’t matter they can take care of you right here.
What sets Donutology apart from many other donut locations is their BYOD option. You heard that right, Donutology allows you to create your own donuts. Pretty smart if you ask me! Something to keep in mind with the BYOD is that the donuts used are mini donuts. The assembly line is where the Donutology masters craft your creation. They start with the flavor of donut, followed by the icing, topping, and drizzle of your choosing.
I went with some standard donuts. The classic glaze, rainbow sprinkle, and their seasonal special the hot chocolate.
Also pictured are some mini donuts I created. At the top, you’ll see the peanut butter icing with rice krispies and raspberry drizzle. This one was my favorite. It brought me back to my sack lunch days in middle school except 10 times better. Next is the buttercream icing with some fruit loops on top, also great choice. Last is the hot chocolate special in mini donut-form. A chocolate donut with chocolate ganache, marshmallow drizzle, and actual marshmallows on top. This was my least favorite when it comes to the regular donuts and the mini donuts. The chocolate cake itself was a little too dry for me.
I know what many of you locals are wondering. If you had to choose between Doughnut Lounge and Donutology, both located in Westport, which should you pick? It honestly depends on what you’re looking for. Donutology brings a fun and exciting twist to your breakfast sweets that is perfect for young kiddos. In comparison to Donutology, I would say that Doughnut Lounge has a more mature menu that is also accompanied with their drink menu.
A common characteristic of Kansas City establishments is their support for local businesses. Donutology is no different. Donutology proudly serves an assortment of Roasterie coffee options to accompany your one-of-a-kind donuts!
I give Donutology a 7/10.


Tay’s Burger Shack

In North Kansas City, parallel to the main drag of Armor Road is a tiny location called Tay’s Burger Shack.  Small in size but great in flavor, Tay’s has taken Northtowne by storm with its juicy burgers and casual feel.   Owner, Kent Harrison, is also the owner of a very popular spot in Northtown called Jersey Boyz Subs and Deli.  The exterior can be a little disheartening but is no reflection of the quality of food.  I was very nervous to give Tay’s a try because of curbside view.  The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” comes to mind and perfectly describes Tay’s Burger Shack.


An area that puts a lot of emphasis on the lunch hour for local businesses, Tay’s has positioned itself to fit right in by utilizing its size as a way for locals to come grab a quick burger and be back on their merry way.


All of their burgers are 100 percent organic grass fed beef.  From burgers to hotdogs to custard varieties Tay’s has the food down, but what makes it a perfect fit for the area is the vintage decor. From the 50’s music on a loop to the soda in glass bottles, Tay’s brings a lighthearted atmosphere.

Pictured below is the single burger and side of fries.  Juicy and rich with flavor the burger was cooked perfectly.  The fries did have a little bit of a kick to them that was a nice surprise!


If you’re looking for a different burger other than the KC classics stop by and check out Tay’s Burger Shack.  9/10

McCormick & Schmick’s

In Kansas City, Mo. is a hub for many fine restaurants called The Country Club Plaza.  McCormick & Schmick’s is just one of them with a prime location on 47th Street that serves a fresh menu of steak and seafood daily.


McCormick & Schmick’s has been a seafood staple in the United States since the 1970’s when Doug and Bill McCormick paired up to create the original restaurant. M&S became a publicly traded company in 2004.  Since then, they have expanded to include 57 locations within 22 different states.


Pictured below is the Lump Crab Cake with corn salsa, rice and vegetables.  The crab cake has a little kick to it, but is not overly spicy.


Also pictured are the butterfly shrimp stuffed with crab on top of red pepper white cheddar mashed potatoes and a vegetable side.  So good!  This was my favorite.


If you are going to stop by M&S you cannot leave without their classic chocolate bag.  A bag made completely out of chocolate filled with white chocolate mouse and fresh berries.  The picture does not do the size of the dish justice, so be prepared to share!


McCormick & Schmick’s gets a 10/10.


Cafe Des Amis

Dream of visiting the beautiful country of France? Look no further.  You can experience the delectable cuisine right here in the Northland.

Cafe Des Amis is located at 112 Main St. in Parkville, Mo. and serves authentic and delicious French delicacies that when you close your eyes will make you believe you’re somewhere other than the Heart of America.


I went to Cafe Des Amis for lunch.  Their outdoor patio is perfect with plenty of shade to help shield you from the sun. Naturally, I went with a crepe dish; the Crepes aux Fruits De Mer.  Two crepes filled with Emmenthal Swiss cheese, a seafood mix and tomato bechamel sauce.  Each main dish is served with a fresh side salad and provencal tomato.  Absolutely delicious.


For dessert I went with another crepe dish.. because what’s a savory dish without a sweet one to follow?


Perfect for a nice lunch or evening out, Cafe Des Amis knows what they’re doing!

I give Cafe Des Amis 10/10, hands down.


LC’s Hamburgers Etc.


LC’s Hamburgers Etc. is a Kansas City classic that can be found at 7612 Northwest Prairie View Road.  LC’s has been a Northland staple since 1973 and has been an important aspect in the KC culture.


This was proven a year ago when a kitchen fire led to the closing of LC’s for nine months.  Countdowns were made, consecutive posts were written inquiring about its revamp and worry was imminent amongst the city that the restaurant would not restore to it’s former glory.  Lucky for us, it did!


A simple burger and fries seems to be difficult mess up, yet places such as LC’s prove that once it’s done right, you’re likely to never forget it.

While hamburger variations are a large portion of the menu, LC’s is commonly known for their pork tenderloin sandwiches (pictured below).


My childhood favorite (and I hate to admit is still my meal of choice to this day) is their hotdog.  I know it sounds crazy.  The hotdog is sliced down the center and grilled open-faced and served on a toasted sesame seed hamburger bun.  A mix of nostalgia and mouthwatering happiness occurs just when I think about it!

Relatively recently LC’s has invested in a food truck that will make appearances at local events such as First Fridays in the Crossroads, and has been known to partake in the Sunday Brunch Trucks at the Roasterie downtown.


LC’s keeps it old school and calls out your number given on your ticket when your order is ready, so don’t throw away your receipt!!

LC’s Hamburgers Etc. gets a 10/10.

The Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange

Located off of Main Street in downtown KC, The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange resides keeping the history of the location alive.  The hotel and restaurant opened in 2010 by the son J. Rieger.  Before the Prohibition, J. Rieger and Co. Whiskey was one of the most popular whiskey distributors and was distributed out of the hotel’s current location.  The hotel and grill strive to keep the history alive and prominent in the Kansas City restaurant scene.


Pictured below is the duck egg entree.  A bed of avocado on the bottom, bread pudding in the middle topped with a duck egg.  I have never been a fan of bread pudding, but once you cut into the duck egg the yolk adds a little something extra.  Absolutely delicious!


Here is a side of their potatoes (the best potatoes I’ve ever had).


Below is the caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes, house-made mozzarella and homemade croutons.


The pesto risotto entree topped with bacon is pictured below.


I came to The Rieger for my birthday dinner.  When I ordered my dessert (their own rendition of a french silk pie) they brought out a candle to go with it!


I absolutely loved this restaurant.  It is definitely a little bit more pricey, but completely worth it for the perfection you are served.  If you’re looking to go somewhere for a special occasion or celebration definitely consider The Rieger.

The Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange gets a 10/10.