Summertime Chi is Year Round at Summer House Santa Monica

Good morning my fellow foodies. Your favorite opinionated gal is back!

I have fully settled in to my new home here in Chicago and recovered from the hibernation of what felt like the LONGEST winter of my life. I wanted to kick off with a place that has become one of my top five stops in Chicago.


Rain or shine, sleet or snow, Summer House Santa Monica is the perfect place for stepping into Southern California, right here in Chicago.


The Chicago location is nestled off of N Halsted Street in Lincoln Park. The glass ceilings allow for a light to come in making it feel as if you’re outside while fully enjoying the benefits of air conditioning or heat depending on the season– it’s a win-win.

Summer House’s drink menu is top notch. Their Bloody Marys are great but the Rosé Cart offers something really unique. The Summer Water Rosé is a selection that they actually have on tap seasonally– so fun!


If you’re looking for a good starter I suggest going with the burrata. To answer your question: yes, it’s as creamy as it looks. The toasted baguette is a nice touch.


For the main course, I went with the tostadas. Truthfully, I have never had tostadas before and didn’t know what to expect. The watermelon and tuna combo intrigued me so I thought I’d go for it. While small in size, the tostadas are big in flavor particularly spice. My tolerance is pretty moderate but these had a kick that you would not expect from their size, so beware!

When you walk in to Summer House the first thing you see is the bakery case filled with unbelievable baked goods. Known for their homemade cookies, I wanted to be sure to try the desserts. I went with the s’mores bar with a side of the vanilla bean ice cream delicious!


Summer House is the perfect place for brunch or dinner any time of the year. Who needs a vacation when you can stop in here?


Summer House Santa Monica gets 10/10.


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