Goddess and The Baker

A modern-styled grocer and coffee shop, Goddess and The Baker does it all for its fast-paced Chicago patrons.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-day dessert, Goddess and The Baker has you covered for every meal and all things in between. My favorite location is at 33 S Wabash in the Jewelers District, right off the Adams and Wabash stop on The L.

The two other Goddess and The Baker locations are sprinkled throughout the Chicago area.

One of the things Goddess and The Baker is most known for is their multi-layered rainbow cake. Iconic and delicious, this was proof that you can’t go wrong with a piece of cake (not that I ever had a doubt).


Below is the morning sandwich with avocado, scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomatillo sauce and sesame semolina. With the sandwich you get the choice of ham, bacon or avocado.


For breakfast I had this sandwich with the coffee pictured and it was perfect in size. No crumbs were left uneaten.

Photo Nov 17, 10 00 39 AM.jpg

Some pro tips:

The seating in Goddess and The Baker on Wabash is mostly community seating. So if you don’t like sharing space with others or you’re coming in with a group bigger than two, you may want to plan to take your treats to go.

If you are looking for somewhere to hunker down and post up for a few hours, Goddess and The Baker may not be your place. While there is a short bar area where people can sit and work on their laptops, seating is limited.

I have been to Goddess and The Baker a few times. It was actually one of my favorite places to take friends when they came to the city to visit me. Every time I went they had a steady line of customers and limited available seats. Goddess and the Baker has perfected their service to work in this chronic chaos so your wait won’t be lengthy, but know that it could be likely that there is no where for you to sit.

The good thing is that if that does happen, Goddess and The Baker is only a block or two off of Michigan Ave. so you can always take your food to go and sit in Millennium or Grant Park if the weather permits.

Goddess and The Baker gets 9/10



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