Hank’s Charcuterie

Today, I’m taking you back to the town that holds many memories for me. Those good, bad, and of sleep deprivation. In Lawrence, Kan. home of the Jayhawks, you’ll find a little gem on the corner of 19th and Massachusetts Street called Hank’s Charcuterie.


Small in size but grand in personality, Hank’s provides menu options with all locally sourced ingredients. While I’ve noticed that this concept has become popular, Hank’s is one of the few places that sticks to it for all ingredients from meats to dairy and baked goods. On their site you can find a list under Friends and Farmers that mentions all of the local groups that they work with to make your dish, as well as posted up on a wall once you walk inside.


When I went, I chose a homemade ricotta ravioli dish with a light alfredo sauce. Absolutely delicious and perfect in size since I had stopped in for lunch.


Also pictured is a side of the pickled vegetables, which is prone to change depending on what vegetables are in season. This is where I figured out that pickled vegetables may not be my thing (Apologies to all you pickled lovers out there!).


Whether it’s for brunch, dinner, or happy hour Hank’s Charcuterie is worth a visit. 8/10


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