The Happy Camper

Calling all pizza lovers!


I have found a pizza novelty so scrumptious you’ll want a piece of cheesy pie STAT. The Happy Camper, located in Old Town in Chicago, Ill. is a dream come true.


The Happy Camper is located on 1209 Wells St. and encompasses everything you could want from a pizza joint. Once you’ve experienced it you won’t want to wait to tell everyone about it, so it’s a good thing they’re prepared with their insta-worthy décor.


I have been itching to try The Happy Camper, but when I did I started to realize that something seemed familiar.

The Happy Camper cleverly calls their signature pizzas an assortment of common names (Benjamin, Mike and Chris are three menu options for example). Once I found what sounded perfect to me I looked at the name and realized it was called the Tony (which is ironically my dad’s name, but that has nothing to do with my revelation).

My avid Sweet Food, Sweet Mood followers may remember a place I posted about not too long ago called Homeslice Wheelhouse where I ordered a very similar, and some may argue identical pizza (hey, at least I’m consistent!). Homeslice is also located in Chicago but further north in the Lincoln Park area. Lo and behold, The Happy Camper is owned and operated by none other than the Homeslice team. Mystery solved!!

Pictured below from top to bottom you’ll see the Tony Za, as well as a Classic Pepperoni, Cheesy Lovin, and the Curt.




The Happy Camper has been living up to the buzz that circulated around Homeslice’s new business venture in 2015 ever since it’s conception.

All things surrounding The Happy Camper are top-notch, from the atmosphere to the food service, and is a perfect addition to Old Town.

If you check it out, I bet you’ll be a happy camper!! (Had to slip in a dad joke where I could)

The Happy Camper: 10/10


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