Tom’s Town Distilling Co.

Take a step into the twenties once you walk into Kansas City’s very own Tom’s Town Distilling Co. located off of 17th and Main Street. I’ve been wanting to go to Tom’s Town for awhile now. Boy, am I glad that I did!IMG_2672.jpg

The interior is distinctly inspired by the Prohibition era with its art deco flare. During my entire visit I kept thinking about how it felt like I was on the set of The Great Gatsby.


Tom’s Town was founded by lifelong Kansas Citians, David Epstein and Steve Revare, with the Prohibition at the root of their inspiration. The distillery is named after Tom Pendergast, a figure in Kansas City’s history who is known for his production and distribution of liquor during the Prohibition, tax evasion, and using his network and wealth to control local government.


Located downtown in the Crossroads Art District of Kansas City, in true crossroads fashion, painted on the side of their building is an infamous Pendergast quote; you can’t miss it.


In response to a newspaperman’s question about Tom’s disregard of the Prohibition he simply said, “The people are thirsty”. Tom’s Town goes into greater detail regarding Pendergast’s impression on Kansas City on their website. If you’re interested click here.

Surrounding their handcrafted spirits, Tom’s Town built a distinctive drink menu and variety of small bites to accompany them. Tom’s Town distills a variety of spirits from bourbon to gin or their vodka. IMG_2743.jpg

Their cocktail menu includes the option of a Distiller’s Flight which includes samples of their bourbon, gin and vodka. During my visit I went with the Stark’s Cider Slice, made with the Eli’s StrongArm Vodka. So refreshing but strong (as to be expected). Also pictured in the top left is the Pinky Blitz made with the Eli’s StrongArm Vodka, as well.

As for our small plates we went with the Dilly Deviled Eggs and Crab Dip. The crab dip was to die for. I strongly recommend it! One of the good things about the crab dip was its size. When I went to Tom’s Town it was only myself and a friend of mine. We were worried that one appetizer wouldn’t be enough so we order the deviled eggs as well, but the crab dip alone would have been enough to satisfy us!


Tom’s Town offers tours of their facility as well. Whether you’re interest in a tour or would just like to sit and enjoy the menu, the Tasting Room is open to the public from 4 p.m. to well into the evening.

If you’re interested in somewhere inspired by Kansas City history, I highly suggest testing out Tom’s Town for a fun happy hour or even to stay for a light dinner.

Tom’s Town Distilling, Co. gets a 10/10.



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