Anton’s KC: Taproom and Restaurant

A local gem, Anton’s KC is the epitome of a perfectly crafted steakhouse. Anton’s is located off of Main Street in the Crossroads Art District of downtown Kansas City, MO.


The restaurant’s combination of an upscale steakhouse with naturally raised products creates an atmosphere unique to the Kansas City area. Not to mention their personal Aquaponics system in the basement that enables Anton’s to raise their own Tilapia and grow their own vegetables in-house. I know it sounds like a freaky science project, but it actually allows Anton’s to be able to skip the middleman required when outsourcing some of their products. This also helps them to ensure that their products are hormone and antibiotic free.


Anton’s has accomplished an atmosphere uncommon to most steakhouses. While considered a fine dining experience, the atmosphere is a combination of upscale decor and local market feel. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed about the place because it created a less stuffy ambiance.


Another defining quality is in regards to the steak options. Anton’s offers you the choice of grass or grain-fed beef. This was a new feature to me since I do not order steak for dinner, regularly.

So what’s the difference? I was sure to ask. Grain-fed beef is a method commonly used to speed up the production process as the cows grow that means they are fed a combination of both grass and grains. Grain-fed beef is more likely to possess fatty cuts but can be fixed by being cut to be leaner. Grass-fed on the other hand are fed strictly grass but possess a lot of health benefits. Those benefits include less saturated fat, lower calories, high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin A and E and many others. You can check out more details about the differences between the two on their blog.


I went with the grass-fed option and was not disappointed. Steaks are cut to order in-house. How cool is that? I went with the four-ounce option and a side of their daily vegetable. That day it happened to be purple carrots and pickled onions. This was my first time eating purple carrots and I’m happy to inform those who are not familiar that there is no difference in taste.


As for dessert, I went with one of my go-tos: the creme brûlée. Light and sweet, this was the perfect end to a wonderful meal. The pomegranate seeds on top were a great touch!

If you are looking for somewhere to have a celebratory meal or just an excuse to try a good steak, look no further than Anton’s.

Delicious and unique, Anton’s KC gets a 10/10.


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