There’s a new donut shop in town, and they’re changing the game! Donutology is located off of Westport Road in Kansas City. Donutology is visible straight ahead when heading south on Southwest Trafficway. A strange location, Donutology decided to use that to their advantage. Pictured below, you’ll see the sidewalk window. Walk, drive, or bike, it doesn’t matter they can take care of you right here.
What sets Donutology apart from many other donut locations is their BYOD option. You heard that right, Donutology allows you to create your own donuts. Pretty smart if you ask me! Something to keep in mind with the BYOD is that the donuts used are mini donuts. The assembly line is where the Donutology masters craft your creation. They start with the flavor of donut, followed by the icing, topping, and drizzle of your choosing.
I went with some standard donuts. The classic glaze, rainbow sprinkle, and their seasonal special the hot chocolate.
Also pictured are some mini donuts I created. At the top, you’ll see the peanut butter icing with rice krispies and raspberry drizzle. This one was my favorite. It brought me back to my sack lunch days in middle school except 10 times better. Next is the buttercream icing with some fruit loops on top, also great choice. Last is the hot chocolate special in mini donut-form. A chocolate donut with chocolate ganache, marshmallow drizzle, and actual marshmallows on top. This was my least favorite when it comes to the regular donuts and the mini donuts. The chocolate cake itself was a little too dry for me.
I know what many of you locals are wondering. If you had to choose between Doughnut Lounge and Donutology, both located in Westport, which should you pick? It honestly depends on what you’re looking for. Donutology brings a fun and exciting twist to your breakfast sweets that is perfect for young kiddos. In comparison to Donutology, I would say that Doughnut Lounge has a more mature menu that is also accompanied with their drink menu.
A common characteristic of Kansas City establishments is their support for local businesses. Donutology is no different. Donutology proudly serves an assortment of Roasterie coffee options to accompany your one-of-a-kind donuts!
I give Donutology a 7/10.



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