Tay’s Burger Shack

In North Kansas City, parallel to the main drag of Armor Road is a tiny location called Tay’s Burger Shack.  Small in size but great in flavor, Tay’s has taken Northtowne by storm with its juicy burgers and casual feel.   Owner, Kent Harrison, is also the owner of a very popular spot in Northtown called Jersey Boyz Subs and Deli.  The exterior can be a little disheartening but is no reflection of the quality of food.  I was very nervous to give Tay’s a try because of curbside view.  The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” comes to mind and perfectly describes Tay’s Burger Shack.


An area that puts a lot of emphasis on the lunch hour for local businesses, Tay’s has positioned itself to fit right in by utilizing its size as a way for locals to come grab a quick burger and be back on their merry way.


All of their burgers are 100 percent organic grass fed beef.  From burgers to hotdogs to custard varieties Tay’s has the food down, but what makes it a perfect fit for the area is the vintage decor. From the 50’s music on a loop to the soda in glass bottles, Tay’s brings a lighthearted atmosphere.

Pictured below is the single burger and side of fries.  Juicy and rich with flavor the burger was cooked perfectly.  The fries did have a little bit of a kick to them that was a nice surprise!


If you’re looking for a different burger other than the KC classics stop by and check out Tay’s Burger Shack.  9/10


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