Stout Barrel House and Gallery

Happy Tuesday!  If you’re in the mood for some comfort food in the downtown Chicago area I’ve got a place for you to take into consideration.  Stout Barrel House and Gallery is a nitro-pub located off of N Clark in the River North area.


If you’re considered a beer fanatic, like myself, that’s just one more reason for you to try Stout.  With 21 beers on tap, 42 bottles and 7 cans (if you’re into that kind of thing), Stout’s selection will make your mouth water.  They have your Chicago-brewed classics like Goose Island, Revolution, Lagunitas and some other eclectic local options such as Three Floyds, Apex Predator and Two Brothers.


As for their food, there are a few different avenues you can take.  They offer many sandwich options if you’re going for a lighter meal.  This was my intention when I ordered the chicken soup, but I ended up with a bowl double the size of my head in front of me.  I couldn’t even make a dent.  It was so good but way too big for one person, so keep that in mind!


We also ordered a side of their cornbread. DO IT. So worth it!!!


Also pictured is the skirt steak sandwich.  The sandwich comes with fried onions and jalapenos on a French roll so don’t think you’ll be eating much else if this is route you decide to take!


We went relatively early for dinner and we were able to sit right down.  Stout is open until 3 AM and has been known to attract a later crowd with their Late Night Menu.  Given the impression I got from dinner, consider Stout for your late night cravings and you won’t be disappointed!

Stout Barrel House and Gallery: 9/10


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