Bar Siena

Alright friends, I know it has been a minute but here is the latest I’ve got for the Chicago-West Loop area.  Bar Siena is located off of Randolph and Green Street.  Established in 2015, Bar Siena was created after the original location (Siena Tavern) in River North.  The inspiration came from a small restaurant in Siena, Italy that is a favorite of the creators.  Bar Siena’s location in the West Loop allowed the atmosphere to be much closer to what they were looking for when they created Siena Tavern.

Everything comes as it is ready, and is recommended that you share.  With this style in mind, we started with two appetizers.  The first, pictured below, is the roasted meatballs.  Due to size I would not suggest ordering this appetizer to supplement your meal unless you are mentally prepared to share it with your friends!  They were a little on the spicy side, but very juicy and delicious.  The fresh ricotta on top was a nice touch, as well.


Next we had the Burrata Wedge topped with pickled red onions, spicy pork coppa, and last but not least, heirloom tomatoes.


As for dessert, Bar Siena’s eclectic menu provides a small list of options that are each amazing.  One of the fan favorites is the S’mores Monkey Bread.  On the fence between that and their bombobar selection- I went with the latter.  Bombobar is an Italian term meaning “a holeless doughnut”.  Their selection includes:

  • original (without any filling)
  • salted caramel
  • mixed berry
  • maple buttercream
  • vanilla bean custard
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • nutella cream
  • and a seasonal option

Pictured below are the nutella cream (top right), salted caramel (top left), and mixed berry (bottom).


The bombolini (plural for bombobar) were to die for.  On the outer edge of the restaurant (side facing N Green Street) is a walk up window just for their deserts and bambolini.  I may or may not have gone back to the walk up just to experience the bambolini a second time…

IMG_0826 (1).jpg

Bar Siena is my favorite restaurant I have gotten the chance to experience in Chicago thus far.  The atmosphere is comfortable and unique enough to make you want to come back.  One of the establishment’s signature features is the giant glowing tree custom-made by local ironworkers that starts at the base of the bar on the first floor and expands upwards into the second floor creating an unconventional chandelier in the restaurant.  The first image below is the view of the ironwork from the main level and the bottom image is from the top floor.



Bar Siena 10/10



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