Homeslice Wheel House


Located off of Webster Ave. in Lincoln Park is Homeslice Wheel House.  The best pizza I’ve had in Chicago.  Although it’s not the typical Chicago-style pizza that comes to mind, Homeslice is one of a kind with its quirky atmosphere and unique pizzas.


I went with the Tony Za found on the specials menu.  About 10 inches, this pizza was a little more than I could handle on my own but perfect to share.  The Tony Za has feta, mozzarella, spinach, sundried tomatoes and prosciutto with a light balsamic on top.


If the food isn’t enough to bring you in the atmosphere can all on its own.  Homeslice’s outdoor area is amazing.  With comfortable outdoor sofas and swings, Homeslice is as hip as it gets.


The inside is just as fun, too.


Homeslice Wheel House gets 10/10.  A MUST for any Chicago visit.



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