Little Goat Diner

In the West Loop on the corner of Randolph and Green you’ll find Little Goat Diner with its iconic spinning goat above the main entrance.  As a part of Stephanie Izard’s partnership with BOKA restaurant group, Little Goat is described by many as a more casual version of her infamous restaurant, Girl and the Goat.
Stephanie’s fame stemmed from her accomplishment as the first female to win on Bravo’s Top Chef in 2008.   Stephanie now owns three different restaurants (Girl and the Goat, Little Goat Diner, and Duck Duck Goat) making Chicago proud to call her their own.
Little Goat serves breakfast all day as well as lunch and dinner.  I chose to go for lunch and ordered the sloppy goat described as “the sloppy joe gone goat” with rosemary slaw (YUM) on a squash roll.  Entrees do not come with sides, but there is plenty of food to tide you over.  I ate the entire ginormous sandwich (because I couldn’t convince myself to stop) and was 100% full.  I would consider a side if you are with a couple people as an item to split amongst yourselves.  I was debating about the Mac N Cheese side but decided against it last minute but it sounded wonderful!
Connected on the Randolph side of Little Goat is the Little Goat Bakery.  The bakery is perfect to stop by if you’re in a hurry or on your way to the office.  Prepped everyday are a few of the sandwiches from the diner’s menu for you to grab with a quick cup of coffee and go.
Little Goat Diner is one of my favorite places since I have been in Chicago.  Little Goat gets 10/10.

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