Parlor Pizza Bar

In the heart of the West Loop in Chicago you’ll find Parlor Pizza Bar.  Parlor is perfect for brunch, lunch, dinner and anything in between with its large outdoor seating area for those wanting to soak up a little sun, and indoor area that is equal in size.


The view from the street shows only the spacious patio area, so I was genuinely taken aback once I saw the size inside as well.  Not to mention the whole place was packed.


A few of their pizza options are pictured below including the Cheezus, Mary and Joseph, I Feel Like Bacon Love and Aunt Chilada’s Chicken.  I chose the “I Feel Like Bacon Love” and it was DELICIOUS.  The sliced potatoes were a great addition!


Pictured above: Cheezus, Mary and Joseph (Leek béchamel, whipped ricotta, white cheddar, permission, smoke mozzarella, minced garlic and fresh oregano)


Pictured above: I Feel Like Bacon Love (Leek béchamel, Nueske’s bacon, white cheddar, shaved Yukon Gold potato, and scallions)


Lastly, above you’ll find the Aunt Child’s Chicken (Chipotle marinara, adobo pulled chicken, cilantro, fresh mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, grilled scallions and chipotle cream)

Each 12 inch pizza is sharable, perfect for leftovers or manageable if you’re starving.  Although, tread lightly because each pie is packed with unique flavor!

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a delicious freshly made pizza add Parlor to your list.

Parlor gets a 9/10


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