Nonna’s Sandwiches and Sundries

Located at 925 W Randolph Street in the West Loop in Chicago is Nonna’s which is an extension of Fermento’s Italian restaurant located around the corner.


Nonna’s serves both hot and cold sandwiches as well as salads, ideal for picking up on your lunch break or to stop in for a quick bite.


A relatively small location, Nonna’s means business.  Come in and get your sandwich or pastry, take a seat at the bar or the new outdoor area, and be on your way!  Nonna’s is the perfect place to go when you’re wanting good quality food fast.


I went with the turkey and provolone sandwich served cold.  Very good!  The lettuce and onion is lightly tossed in Italian dressing adding a nice refreshing flavor.  The sandwich itself was pretty large in size, I wasn’t able to finish it but totally worth it!


The service was great as well.  I went at a strange time (I want to say it was around 2:30PM) so it was not crowded, but the workers were extremely friendly, making my experience that much better!

Nonna’s gets a 10/10.




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