Cafe Des Amis

Dream of visiting the beautiful country of France? Look no further.  You can experience the delectable cuisine right here in the Northland.

Cafe Des Amis is located at 112 Main St. in Parkville, Mo. and serves authentic and delicious French delicacies that when you close your eyes will make you believe you’re somewhere other than the Heart of America.


I went to Cafe Des Amis for lunch.  Their outdoor patio is perfect with plenty of shade to help shield you from the sun. Naturally, I went with a crepe dish; the Crepes aux Fruits De Mer.  Two crepes filled with Emmenthal Swiss cheese, a seafood mix and tomato bechamel sauce.  Each main dish is served with a fresh side salad and provencal tomato.  Absolutely delicious.


For dessert I went with another crepe dish.. because what’s a savory dish without a sweet one to follow?


Perfect for a nice lunch or evening out, Cafe Des Amis knows what they’re doing!

I give Cafe Des Amis 10/10, hands down.



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