LC’s Hamburgers Etc.


LC’s Hamburgers Etc. is a Kansas City classic that can be found at 7612 Northwest Prairie View Road.  LC’s has been a Northland staple since 1973 and has been an important aspect in the KC culture.


This was proven a year ago when a kitchen fire led to the closing of LC’s for nine months.  Countdowns were made, consecutive posts were written inquiring about its revamp and worry was imminent amongst the city that the restaurant would not restore to it’s former glory.  Lucky for us, it did!


A simple burger and fries seems to be difficult mess up, yet places such as LC’s prove that once it’s done right, you’re likely to never forget it.

While hamburger variations are a large portion of the menu, LC’s is commonly known for their pork tenderloin sandwiches (pictured below).


My childhood favorite (and I hate to admit is still my meal of choice to this day) is their hotdog.  I know it sounds crazy.  The hotdog is sliced down the center and grilled open-faced and served on a toasted sesame seed hamburger bun.  A mix of nostalgia and mouthwatering happiness occurs just when I think about it!

Relatively recently LC’s has invested in a food truck that will make appearances at local events such as First Fridays in the Crossroads, and has been known to partake in the Sunday Brunch Trucks at the Roasterie downtown.


LC’s keeps it old school and calls out your number given on your ticket when your order is ready, so don’t throw away your receipt!!

LC’s Hamburgers Etc. gets a 10/10.


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