The Waffle Iron

The Waffle Iron is a pop-up shop in Lawrence whose decadent waffle variations will leave you speechless.  No doubt about it.  Located off of 7th Street in downtown Lawrence, The Waffle Iron brought in people from all walks of life to share a bite and unforgettable experience surrounding their menu.

IMG_1700 8

As of right now, The Waffle Iron does not have a brick and mortar home.  While The Waffle Iron tries to narrow down the search for a new location that can better accommodate their following, you can find them on Sundays at The Basil Leaf on 9th Street.


I went with the Hank Benedict.  A poached egg on top of a Belgian waffle served with sliced pieces of pork from Hank’s Charcuterie (another local Lawrence favorite) and hollandaise sauce.  Warning: this choice has a huge kick to it, but is totally worth it.  I have never tasted anything like it.


Pictured below is the Cookie Butter and Banana Waffle.  If you’re feeling more sweet than spicy I’d suggest this route.  Delicious!


Also worth noting is that their house coffee was the best I have ever had.  If you’re going to experience The Waffle Iron you’d be doing it all wrong if you didn’t have a cup!

The Waffle Iron 10/10.





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