The Roost

YUM YUM YUM.  Want a delicious breakfast with an upbeat atmosphere? The Roost is your place.


The Roost is one of the main breakfast spots in downtown Lawrence.  Founded by a couple that worked at the previous establishment at 920 Massachusetts, a Kickstarter campaign was put in place to help renovate the space to its current glory.

I can honestly say that every option on the menu is great.  Pictured below is the spinach, tomato, feta omelet.  I substituted for an egg-white omelet. SO GOOD.  Pictured with breakfast potatoes, wheat toast and their orange marmalade (my favorite part).


Their coffee is wonderful.  Pictured below is a cup of their mocha, my usual go-to.  The Roost also makes fresh marshmallow in a sheet pan.  You can ask for a marshmallow to put on top of your coffee instead of whipped cream and it will come cut into a square (Second image is their 16 oz with a marshmallow).



If you like iced coffee I INSIST that you try it here.  The Roost’s ice cubes have coffee in them so that when they melt your coffee stays delicious and does not get watered down.  Don’t ask me how they do it, but I am so thankful they do.

I am not very experienced with The Roost’s baked goods but if they reflect the quality of the rest of their menu I would assume that they would be wonderful.  My little brother had the cake pop and was a fan (pictured below).


Something to keep in mind when going to The Roost is that timing is very important.  I would suggest going earlier rather than later because you will more than likely have a 30 minute to an hour wait.  I have never had to wait longer than an hour, though.

I give The Roost a 10/10.  I wouldn’t change a thing!



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