Little Freshie

Located on 17th and Summit in Kansas City is Little Freshie, a handcrafted soda fountain and espresso bar with KILLER sandwiches.


Mentioned in publications such as Wall Street JournalCountry Living and most recently Kinfolk, Little Freshie is known for their snow cones and floats.  The first time I went I didn’t even realize the significance of the soda options in Little Freshie’s character and charm.  I am such an avid coffee drinker these days that I immediately jumped to the espresso menu.


Every day Little Freshie makes a selection of sandwiches.  If you time it just right, you’ll be lucky enough to snag one, because once they’re gone, they are gone.

Pictured below is the prosciutto and manchego sandwich. I’m not exaggerating when I say this sandwich is on my top five sandwiches of all time.  I’m not usually a mustard gal, so I was a little skeptical but I went ahead and tried it (do it for the blog, you know?) and it was so good. With stone ground mustard and arugula on a pretzel bun (MY FAVORITE), I would not change a single thing about it.


Coffee-wise I went with one of my favorites which you will also see pictured above, a dirty chai (basically a chai latte with a shot of espresso, gives it just a little more oomph).

Once I started doing a little more research and realized the significance of their sodas I decided to go back and give them a shot.  I went with a float.  Raspberry rose soda on top of vanilla bean ice cream, from the local chocolatier Christopher Elbow.  I see why they’re so popular!


A small location but with a lot of heart.  If you’re looking for somewhere to sit and have a quick bite with a friend this is the place to go.

Little Freshie you get a 10/10.


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