The Doughnut Lounge

So this happened.


The Doughnut Lounge is a recent addition to the Kansas City Westport restaurant scene.  Flatland KC describes it as “doughnuts for grown ups”.


The addition of this establishment came kind of ironically for me.  Many of my friends from school live in the Wichita, Kan. area and we often find ourselves discussing some of the unique doughnut shops there, where I would voice my pang of jealousy that Kansas City did not have anything that would compare.  I follow a lot of local KC coffee shops on Instagram and The Doughnut Lounge came up as one of my suggested pages to follow.  I followed them in March anxiously awaiting the day they announced their grand opening. They opened on December 16th and you best believe my booty was there December 17th.


What sets The Doughnut Lounge apart is their unique perspective on not just doughnuts but coffee and cocktails, as well.  The Doughnut Lounge has found a way to make a food commonly connected to breakfast into a conversation piece.  Doughnuts and drinks, now why didn’t I think of that?!  Mike B. reviewed The Doughnut Lounge on Yelp as, “the most Westport thing that has ever Westported.” I couldn’t agree with you more, Mike B. These aren’t your regular run of the mill doughnuts.  I almost want to think of them as gourmet because they are so intricate.


The Doughnut Lounge makes two daily batches.  The morning batch is ready to sell by 6:30 am and the second by 4 pm.  True to the Westport culture, Doughnut Lounge forgoes the coffee at night (although is still a viable option) and focuses on quirky beverages to create a comfortable and noteworthy bar scene.


Pictured below are two options.  On the left, you will see an eggnog doughnut.  I personally love the taste of eggnog so I was all gung-ho about this one.  There was a faint hint of nutmeg but since eggnog is mixed into the batter it is not overpowering.  Very moist and fresh, too. I was a fan of this one.  The other is their classic vanilla doughnut with a light glaze on top.  My sister (who is a very picky eater for an 8-year-old) loved this one! If she liked it, I’m sure anyone would.


Something else that sets DL apart from its competitors is their “noduts” described as sweet and savory dishes that are designed to be a meal.  Some examples include their Glazed and Gravy (pictured below).  The Glazed and Gravy might look a little frightening and adventurous…adventurous yes, but not at all frightening.  The doughnut base is a hybrid between a biscuit and a doughnut and is covered in sausage gravy with a glaze base and an egg on top… LIFE CHANGING.


Another nodut is the blackberry cheesecake pictured on the right next to the lemon ricotta.  The blackberry cheesecake doughnut is also a wonderful choice!


Naturally I had to try one of their intricate cocktails as well.  I had the Hardly Questioned, which is made with egg whites, rum, juice, pumpkin and spice.  The top was also made to have their logo as well (very neat touch!).  I was a little scared, but the juice and pumpkin gave the drink a sweeter taste than I expected.  I suggest trying it when you go in! Very good.


I give The Doughnut Lounge 10/10.  You have won my heart.


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