Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ

Jake’s Barbeque, ran by Danny’s father during the great depression, was the center of Danny’s inspiration for what is now Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ. Formerly known as Lil’ Jakes, a nickname Danny picked up as a kid, was inspired by family recipes that Danny used to create his menu.  Lil’ Jakes was located on Baltimore in downtown KC, and then Grand Street.  Once relocated to Southwest Boulevard in 2007, Danny found it necessary to rename the business.  There Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ was born and continued to be a classic spot for delicious and perfectly barbecued meat in Kansas City.


Pictured is “Danny’s Special”.  Slow-cooked rib tips and Danny’s uniquely sweet barbeque sauce sits on a bun with a bed of coleslaw right on top, which creates a sweet, juicy and flavorful sandwich.


Inside you’ll find some of the original signs from Lil’ Jakes and Jake’s Barbeque.  The new location is much bigger than the original and allows for opportunities to pack more customers in, which is exactly what they do.  The convenience of their location allows for many individuals that work downtown to stop in for lunch, where frequently there is a line all the way to the front door.

Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ caters as well.  In comparison to the other barbeque options in the city, Danny Edwards falls a little short.  I wouldn’t go to the extreme of not recommending them or saying that it is in any way not good, but there are superior options in the city.  Danny Edwards is still a great option for KC BBQ.

I give Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ a 7/10.


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