Trezo Mare Restaurant and Lounge

Located in The Village at Briarcliff is a restaurant called Trezo Mare. An authentic Italian influence engraved in their cuisine, Trezo Mare combines this with an active effort to use all locally sourced produce to give you freshly made dishes, no matter what.

Also known for their extensive wine list, Trezo provides opportunities for wine locker memberships, with different levels of commitments to choose from (club, executive, elite). Along with the wine selections provided each month, members are allowed to bring in up to 3 bottles of their own choosing each month to store in their locker with no corkage fee. Inside a log are the wines, dates and signature in case you want to recollect a particular wine.


One of my favorite appetizers is the Hawaiian Tuna and Crab Crudo.  Described on the menu as spicy aioli tuna tartar, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, wasabi crème fraiche, and lavosh, this appetizer is great for sushi lovers!


Pictured below is the Boulevard chicken salad. A large bed of fresh mixed greens accompanied with  bacon, cherry tomatoes, egg, and an assortment of cheeses is topped with chicken lightly breaded with a batter made from Boulevard Wheat, a product of a local brewery.


A delicious brunch option is the mini cinnamon rolls. Warm, Fresh, and gooey these little guys are so yummy!


Trezo is known for their unique and comfortable atmosphere.  Their nice sit-down formal dining room is accompanied by a fun lounge and bar area for a more laid back atmosphere.  And to top it off, they have a KILLER patio that has been locally recognized for its amazing view of downtown KC.


There is no wrong choice when it comes to the dessert menu either.  My favorite is the black forest cake, a new version of their popular flourless chocolate cake.  A rich cocoa crust with cherry mousse and topped with a thin layer of the flourless chocolate cake, this new version is just as good as the original!


Requested from my seven-year-old sister,  Trezo is also very kid friendly!


I give Trezo 10/10


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