Town Topic

A Kansas City classic through and through, Town Topic has been proudly serving simplistic diner-style food for more than 75 years.  Opened by a man named Claude Sparks, Town Topic is the perfect solution for your greasy tendencies.  Burgers from Town Topic were originally sold for 5 cents a piece.  What we’d give to have those prices now, huh?!


The original Town Topic is located on 24th and Broadway with about 10 barstools.  When the late night crowd rolls in for their meals after a long night I cannot imagine it would be very spacious, but that’s the beauty of it.  This original Town Topic, along with the location off of Baltimore Street, haven’t been altered much at all since their original opening.  And the same goes for their menu, including a full breakfast line and freshly made pies.


I went with the double cheeseburger and fries.  Slightly smaller than the average burger but true to Town Topic’s diner style, the double is the way to go.


Also pictured, their hotdog. Sliced and grilled open-faced on the stovetop, this one is a fan favorite for the kiddos (clearly).


Town Topic includes locations in Mission and on Baltimore Street as well as the original.

I give Town Topic a 10/10.


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