Port Fonda

Urban, upbeat and unique (see what I did there?) Port Fonda brings authentic Mexican food to Kansas City with a side of sass.


Located on Pennsylvania Ave. in Westport, Port Fonda is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

We started with a guacamole appetizer.  Surprising to many of my peers, I am not normally a guacamole fan, but I enjoyed it here.


For my meal I chose the pollo tacos served with rice and beans.  They were very very good, but if you like spicy these might be too mild for you!


We ended on a sweet note with the donas de requeson…. aka the best part.  Port Fonda describes them as ricotta doughnuts with cinnamon-sugar, mezcal tres leches and fresh berries.  Made fresh upon ordering, these bad boys are sweet and amazing.


Lawrence friends, we are in luck! Port Fonda is opening a new location off of New Hampshire downtown. I have not been able to pin down a grand opening date, but anxiously await when it does!

I give Port Fonda 9/10.


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