Grinder’s Pizza

Grinder’s Pizza is located in the heart of the Crossroads District of KC, serving a variety of foods from New York Style pizzas to Philly cheesesteaks and crab rangoon.  With such a wide variety of options to choose from, Grinder’s makes it easy to ensure that no matter what your food mood they have what you want, including good salads.  You know how a lot pizza places provide salads yet they are absolutely awful and make you feel like you would be better off just getting the pizza? Grinder’s Pizza is an exception to the norm.


A good and fun appetizer to get are the Funky Dough breadsticks.  Cut in all different angles, creating different shapes and sizes give a little variation to your average breadsticks.


When it comes to their pizza selection, Grinder’s separates what they offer by New York Style, Specialty Gourmet, or By The Slice.  The Crossroads Pizza is perfect for sharing (especially if your friends are picky eaters!) because of the way it is split into four quadrants for spinach, cheese, pineapple and pepperoni. YUM.


Also known for their concert venue located on the backside of the establishment, CrossroadsKC holds intimate concerts with up-and-coming artists or those lovable groups that you were obsessed with years ago but somehow fell off the face of Earth.  Some groups that will be performing in the future include Citizen Cope, O.A.R., and Breaking Benjamin.

I would give Grinder’s Pizza a 9/10.


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