The Westside Local

The Westside Local is a restaurant in the Crossroads Arts District of downtown KC that provides fresh and sophisticated meals by striving to support local farms and businesses. Located on Summit Drive, The Westside Local can be completely overlooked by passersby. Urban, young and upbeat The Westside Local’s general feel is very welcoming.


I suggest starting off with the local cheese plate including cottonwood river cheddar, shatto plattsburg, jifa’s farmstead curds, roasted garlic spread, fresh fruit, and farm-to-market parmesan crackers.  As you can see the cheese plate has plenty of options and is perfect for sharing!


I took the safe route and went with the mac n cheese.  Served in a bowl bigger than my head and a nice layer of breadcrumbs on top made me not regret my decision.


Also pictured is the barramundi fish entrée on a bed of white bean, corn and asparagus succotash.  I’m not the biggest fish fan, but my friend who ordered the dish is and we both came to the same conclusion that we were very underwhelmed.  I would not suggest this entrée considering the many other delicious options.


Lastly the heirloom BLT, pictured with the ratatouille side.  Described as sliced heirloom tomato, brown sugar bacon, arugula, tomato bacon jam, basil-lemon aioli on toasted sasha’s bakery sourdough, what Westside Local forgot to mention was absolutely mouth-watering.  Next time I will for sure be getting the BLT.  So good!


We sat inside, but I’ve heard one of the best features of the location is their outdoor seating area.  Something to keep in mind is that since everything is fresh and local it can get to be pricey, but not everything is expensive.  Great location, but my overall impression was not completely positive.


I would give The Westside Local 7/10.


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