The Grilled Cheese Bistro

Are you mentally prepared to have your childhood desires fulfilled in this next post?  I can tell you I wasn’t.


The Grilled Cheese Bistro is exactly as it sounds…only better.  Located in Norfolk, VA the GCB provides grilled cheese combos that may seem a little more sophisticated than your at-home attempts, but don’t you worry the classics are there, too.  In a very urban setting, The Grilled Cheese Bistro is a cute little location on Granby Street that expertly balances its modern decor in a homey atmosphere.


I went with the Johnny Appleseed, which included apples, cheddar cheese and local applewood bacon.  Both appetizing and totally shareable this sandwich is perfect, especially if you’re planning on enjoying a side with your meal (which I recommend).


As our side we went with the standard fresh cut fries, but we were eyeing the truffle fries across the room that looked equally delectable.


And if the food isn’t enough, their coke products are served in the bottle… Do I need to say anything else?!


Such a fun little location.  I wish there was one in the Kansas City area!

I give The Grilled Cheese Bistro a 10/10.


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