Drunken Fish

Calling all sushi-lovers!  Located in Kansas City’s Power and Light District is a restaurant called Drunken Fish.  If you have not been, take notes!


One of my all-time favorite places to grab a roll, Drunken Fish provides a delicious range from spicy to sweet sushi options as well as appetizers and much more.

One of their signature rolls (and my absolute favorite) is the White Tiger Roll.  The combination of crunchy tempura, fresh avocado and spicy mayo give this roll a slight kick.  For someone who does not do well with foods that are too spicy I can vouch that if you have a low tolerance like me, this roll is still manageable!


Another delicious option is the Spider Roll which has tempura-fried soft-shell crab, asparagus, Japanese mayo + masago.  If you like the crunchy factor in a roll, this one is for you.  The tempura paired with the asparagus makes it extra crunchy and arguably extra filling.


If you aren’t feeling sushi, a great lunch menu item is their Poke Tacos.  For those who aren’t familiar, Poke is a spread (usually salmon) or raw salad who’s origin is Hawaiian. Aka- DELICIOUS.  These taco shells are made out of wontons filled with either yellowtail or tuna poke instead of salmon, along with napa slaw and sesame.  So so good.  You can’t go wrong with the tacos.


I personally love the house ginger dressing that is served at most Japanese restaurants.  If you like a more creamy dressing, usually more pink in color, I would not suggest getting the house salad here.  Drunken Fish’s house dressing is much stronger (ginger-wise) and has a more orange color.  Still delicious, but different in terms of the general idea that comes to mind when you think of ginger dressing.


Another favorite of mine is edamame.  Good for you and delicious! (minus the sea salt of course)


I would give Drunken Fish a 9/10.  So good!


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