Taco Republic- Food Truck

The food truck industry has grown exponentially within the last 5-10 years.  The stereotypical greasy truck that comes to mind has evolved into something much more.  While there still is business for those types of foods, everyone is looking for a way to distinct themselves from the rest.  I actually find this line of food to be especially intriguing.  Recently the Kansas Food Truck Festival was held in Lawrence where I  wrote a more in-depth piece on the industry and it’s changes.  Here is a link.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.21.39 PM

Over Father’s Day Weekend, locally-based Boulevard Brewery held their second annual festival, Boulevardia in Kansas City’s West Bottoms.


Fun side note, here’s a picture of my dad and I with Boulevard Brewery founder, John McDonald.


Good music, good beer and GREAT food made the experience everything you could want and more.  Many of the food trucks that were present at the Kansas Food Truck Festival a few months ago were present and Boulevardia as well.  One that appeared to be new to me was Taco Republic.


The Taco Republic Truck is an extension of a brick and mortar location located directly across the street from the original Joe’s KC (small world!).


These tacos were some of the best tacos I have ever had, and I am pretty picky when it comes to Mexican food.  Pictured are two Old School Tacos (right) and Feliz Tacos (left).  My choice was the Old School Tacos, with ground beef, potatoes, spinach, cheddar and jack cheese and pico de gallo I wouldn’t alter a thing about them.


Taco Republic’s truck and delicious bites can be rented for events.  If you’re looking to enjoy their food the next public event they will be attending is the Kansas City Big Picnic at the Nelson Atkins Museum on July 19th downtown.  Here is more information on the event!

I would give Taco Republic a 10 out of 10.


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