Dean and DeLuca

I stumbled upon Dean and DeLuca about a year ago and fell in love.  Chances are that whatever you are looking for they have it, and it’s good quality to boot.


Originated in New York, store locations are limited amongst the US to New York City, Washington D.C., Napa Vally, Charlotte, NC, and our very own Leawood, KS.

A cross between an indoor marketplace and cafe, Dean and DeLuca brings you high quality fresh food no matter what.

When I went most recently I chose the Smoked Turkey Sandwich.  I’m not going to lie, it appealed to me the most because of the brie cheese, my absolute favorite.  It was so good, though! With apricot mustard, that was much more on the apricot side than the mustard side, and fresh sourdough bread I wouldn’t change a thing.


I went with the green juice made in-house, alongside many other blends of freshly made juices and teas.  My favorite tea here is the mango tea.


Their pastry section is so good it that I think it could stand alone as it’s own location.  You really can’t go wrong with any of their baked goods but this time I went with the double chocolate crackle cookie.  Before my Natasha’s experience, this was the only place in the KC area that I would get macarons because I felt they were the only ones who could really do it right.


Something else worth mentioning is their Christopher Elbow counter.  A local chocolate delicacy, Dean and DeLuca has a section dedicated solely to their chocolates.  There’s no excuse for you to not try them when stopping by.  There’s nothing better!


I would give Dean and DeLuca a 10/10.


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