Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott

Macarons are all the rage right now. I don’t know who is to blame. Blair Waldorf from the popular drama, Gossip Girl, or maybe their French origin is what makes them so enticing? Either way, these little treats deserve all the hype.


Paris isn’t the only place who can master the art of macarons. Natashia’s Mulberry and Mott, located on the Country Club Plaza is a quaint bakery where you can properly quench your macaron craving.


Also known for their signature “small cakes”, Natasha’s is the perfect little bakery for well, any occasion honestly.


If you are looking to get something specific, it might be ideal for you to call ahead. I have been by in the afternoon and they have already sold out of their macarons for the day.


Natasha’s has gained major recognition locally, with features in publications such as Spaces, Tastebud, and This Is KC.


I got a small variety of macaron flavors when I went. Here is their extensive list of flavors. I chose strawberry, key lime (my favorite!), orange blossom, and lemon. Rich in flavor, these macarons took me back to my first experience in Paris. Deliciously sweet, these tasty treats are a perfect handheld snack as you peruse around the Plaza.


I give Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott a 10 out of 10.


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