Beer Kitchen

A place that I’ve heard nothing but great things about is Beer Kitchen, located in Westport. I decided to take a look for myself.

Located on the corner of Westport Rd and Pennsylvania Ave, Beer Kitchen is known for its distinct menu and extensive beer list (around 70 different bottled beer and 16 on tap).  All of which are listed on a wall within the restaurant.


True to the Westport feel, Beer Kitchen’s atmosphere is very modern.


I went with the Bravo burger, described as “crispy prosciutto, maytag blue cheese, fontina, sun-dried tomato relish, baby arugula & roasted garlic aioli on brioche bun” I couldn’t say no. Let me tell you, it lived up to its description.


As for my side, I split a small order of the truffle fries with the roasted garlic dipping sauce, which was a perfect size to split!


Another distinctive feature inside Beer Kitchen is the taps hanging from the ceiling as decor.  This was probably my favorite part (other than the food of course).


I have heard many raves about the build your own mac n cheese, but felt like going a little outside of the box. I must say though, that I will for sure be returning and the mac n cheese will be my next victim!

I would give Beer Kitchen a 10 out of 10. Such a cool place!


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