Seasons 52

Happy Monday! This next post is about a place that took me by surprise.

In an attempt to try somewhere new I found myself at the door of Seasons 52 on the Country Club Plaza. While by no means is Seasons 52 new to the Kansas City area, it is new to me…and I was pleasantly surprised.

An establishment that emphasizes on providing you with the freshest food possible, Seasons 52 focuses on what is in season at any given moment, creating an ever-changing menu that ensures you leave without any regrets.


When I say no regrets, I mean it. I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted because they all sounded so delicious. I ended up making a deal with a friend who accompanied me so that we could split and share the two items we were trying to decide between.

I ordered the lump crab cake sandwich that came with a mustard sauce.


For my side, I went with the quinoa grain and citrus salad which was perfect in midst of the warm weather.



I decided to stray from my water with lemon and try their sparkling raspberry lemonade. The ironic thing is that I had a drink similar to this a few summers ago that was a seasonal option at one of the local coffee shops. Ever since my friend and I have been trying to recreate it ourselves because it was so good, and this sparkling lemonade was exactly like it! It’s funny how you can stumble across things when you’re not looking for them!


My friend ordered the Lobster and fresh mozzarella flatbread that was so wonderfully light along with a side of asparagus (or entire plate).


Something else about Seasons 52 that I appreciated was their menu format. While I commonly find myself throwing out my health-nut thoughts when trying somewhere new for this blog (“Do it for the blog!”) every item on their menu gave you a calorie count right down to the refreshments.

Price-wise, I also found myself pleasantly surprised. For what you are getting, it is very reasonable.

Not only was it less pricey than I expected, the service was amazing. Everyone working there was welcoming and genuinely friendly making my first experience even better.

I would give Seasons 52 a 9 on a scale of 1-10. I will most definitely be going back!


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