Sprinkles Cupcakes

Today I’m taking a turn for the sweet…brace yourselves.


Sprinkles Cupcakes, started in 2005, was the first bakery to devote solely to the production of cupcakes.  Started by Candace Nelson out of Beverly Hills, CA Sprinkles has evolved in the past ten years into an international business that draws Americans from all over to experience their tasty treats.  What was once considered a delicious place to get a cupcake, Sprinkles is now known for much more than that, including its take on rich ice cream and exquisite cookies.

Sprinkles uses only the finest ingredients that contribute to its one-of-a-kind flavor including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, and last but certainly not least, their signature trademark the modern dot on top of nearly every cupcake.


There is a Sprinkles located between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street on E Walton in Chicago.  With the inevitable line and eye-catching facade, I promise you can’t miss it.


Inside you’ll find a cupcake bar, perfect for enjoying your baked good and people watching, both of which will be equally satisfying.

In 2012, Sprinkles created the first cupcake ATM in the world…aka God’s gift to Earth.  Outside of select locations you can find these ATMs that require you to place your order via the touch screen, then show video of your cupcake being packaged and delivered inside where it will appear in the square opening on the right.  IT’S GENIUS.


If I had to rank Sprinkles Cupcakes, I would give them a 10 not just for pure deliciousness but originality as well.


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