Bub City

Great food, great location, great company.  Bub City is a fun and upbeat location that has a unique way of providing all of these things.  While you might say great company really depends on who you are with and isn’t always a guarantee, when I say great company in this instance, I’m referring to everyone you meet at Bub City. IMG_8104

A laidback and casual atmosphere plopped in the center of a vibrant area of downtown Chicago, Bub City gives you a welcoming feeling that you don’t always feel from the city.  Maybe it’s my Midwestern roots that make me say so, but the live music doesn’t hurt either. IMG_8100 Coming from an area widely known for its delicious barbecue, I find myself naturally being more judgmental when it comes to this line of food. IMG_8101 Their frequently applauded bloody mary options is a reason in and of itself that makes people become frequent customers.  We ordered some waffle fries and fried pickles to tide us over until our meal was served, each with a side of ranch dressing.  IMG_8108 IMG_8109

I ordered the burnt ends sandwich, which is my go-to at many barbecue places back home.  While I enjoyed the flavor of the sauce, the meat itself was a little more fatty and tough than I prefer.

IMG_8110 We sat in the most perfect location.  Along one of the walls a row of windows open up to the street level where you are reminded of the hustle and bustle along Clark Street while experiencing the homey ambiance. IMG_8099 If I had to rank this restaurant on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 9.  So many different aspects affect the appeal of Bub City that while I wasn’t awestruck with my meal, I would go back in a heartbeat.


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