Giordano’s Pizza

My Memorial Day weekend was filled with great authentic Chicago-style eats and stereotypical tourist events.  You would think I would have gotten around to doing much of this already because I’ve been visiting the city since I was a little girl.  I don’t know which I love better, the food or the sites.


Naturally, we started the weekend off at Giordano’s Pizza.  Due to our late flight into the city, we didn’t arrive at the restaurant until closer to 8 o’clock, but walking inside you would have never guessed our late arrival.


The place was packed as if it was still the peak of the dinner rush.  There  was still an hour wait before you could sit down.  While this was not the most ideal of circumstances, it was clear that the staff was a well-oiled machine and that the quantity of customers was nothing new.  Once we put our name on the list, they handed us a menu.  It was suggested we place our order within 20 minutes at the bar so that by the time we were seated our food would be ready.


Once we sat down, that is exactly what happened.  We ordered our drinks, waited maybe 10 minutes, and our food was there.  Man, was it worth the wait.


Although the restaurant has a large variety of options, many patrons only go for the well-known Deep Dish Style pizza.  I had chosen the spinach pizza.  With the thick and flaky buttery crust, thick layer of cheese and spinach and the sauce on top, this kind of pizza will put your local pizzeria to shame.  There is nothing quite like it, I can tell you that.


It was the perfect start to our holiday weekend.  Expect more posts about Chicago locations to come!

If I had to rate Giordano’s on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 9.


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