Limestone Pizza Kitchen and Bar

Located at 814 Massachusetts Street you’ll find an eclectic pizza restaurant that encompasses the unique flavor and style that is Lawrence, Kansas.


Limestone Pizza Kitchen and Bar is accompanied by many well-known pizza restaurants in Lawrence, yet within the last year has been able to set themselves apart.

Limestone’s one of a kind flavor stems from the limestone wood-fire oven (hence the name) as well as the organic and homemade ingredients… even their pickles.

On paper the pizza kitchen’s effort in bringing the Neapolitan pizza to the prairie (now referred to as Neoprairie) is unique enough to bring business, but it’s the atmosphere that makes them come back.

When I walked into Limestone for the first time I felt more comfortable than I do entering establishments that I have been going to for years. Furnished with the minimalistic yet modern style that has become popular, Limestone’s comfortable atmosphere and mainly open kitchen, which shows they don’t feel the need to hide, follow the easygoing trend that continues down to the service as well.

I ordered the Margherita Pizza, which I came to find out was too much for one person, not that it stopped me from attempting to eat almost the entire thing. A 12” Neoprairie pizza with homemade mozzarella, ground tomato sauce and basil oil from homegrown basil, I could not have picked a better item. While I felt as if I was playing it safe, since I knew that Margherita pizza was relatively common and that it was less likely for there to be a surprise, the sheer deliciousness was a surprise in and of itself. The organic ingredients combined with the crust whose thickness was the perfect level of thin and doughy, I left this meal feeling lighter than I ever have after eating pizza from anywhere else.


Once I had received my pizza I had asked if it was possible to have a side of ranch dressing so that I could test it with any of the conventional habits of the modern day pizza-eater. While I was disappointed to find out that they did not have ranch, instead I could use a homemade garlic aioli. While this combination may not be conventional, it was utterly delicious.

If you are more willing to experiment when it comes to food, other pizza options on the menu include a spud pizza, asparagus pizza, and salad pizza, all of which I would be willing to test now that I have experienced the Margherita pizza.

If I had to rate this restaurant on a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8.5


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